ICADE: “talking” signage for OPEN SPACE!

“Write with images and draw with words”.

Our slogan is part of ICADE’s approach to the Parisian group’s headquarters.

Osmoze designers have created images and quotes that illustrate each of the open space life charters.

The message and values are conveyed by artistic signage.
Affect, poetry and design enhance the quality of the communication.
The objective is to unite the departments by integrating them into the creation.

The workspace becomes inspiring, creative and flexible.
The workspace becomes the expression of everyone’s commitments!

ICADE arbre logo

Osmoze plays with the decor of the corridors of the property developer ICADE in Paris. The designs interact with the different objects and furniture in the new ICADE offices.

ICADE oiseau logo

Wire creations, poetic phrases and clouds of dots harmonise to express the company’s life charter with humour. The walls now guide the employees between eco-responsible gestures and community life.

IMG 20200429 141239 ICADE elephant ICADE POUBELLE logo ICADE COPIEUR 2 LOGOOsmoze > Décoration murale > ICADE > Paris



All our decorations are entirely hand-drawn and then handcrafted in our French wall art workshop.

Our wall marking techniques allow us to invest all surfaces = painted wall, cladding, metal panel, concrete, ceiling.

A wall decoration or signage for your hospital, clinic? There is only one address in France…. www.osmoze.fr

For any project or preliminary project, we are at your disposal for a study. Architects, decorators, project owners.
Our decoration magazine is free and is at your disposal on request. Click here for more information.

We work all over France and abroad.

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Decor and wall decoration. Creation of a global concept of layout.

Concrete painting

Wall art and frescoes

Contemporary signage

3D signage

Olfactory signage

Augmented reality signage and decor



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