Architecture et enseigne du groupe danois Carlsberg, Obernai (67)

The Danish Carlsberg Group has put its trust in Osmoze and entrusted us with the decoration of its R&D centre, the group’s global innovation centre.

Once again, it’s not usual… Osmoze exports “virtually” thanks to its giant wall decorations, contemporary signage, custom wall designs and its overflowing creativity. The Carlsberg group entrusted us with the decoration and interior and exterior signage of their European research and development centre. Stretched canvas, printed window signs, cut vinyl, non-woven wallpaper… everything was done. We created, manufactured and then installed almost all the decorative techniques so that this world laboratory could have its most beautiful setting.

In partnership with the architectural firm Schweitzer & Associé, we gave a contemporary and very natural feel. Landscapes were projected onto the walls, partitions and all the glass surfaces. The result is exceptional… Discover the first pictures of our realization.

decoration recherche et developpement

decoration murale sur mesure carlsberg centre recherche et developpement

toile tendue fabrication grand format

fabrication toile imprimee geante hall accueil

decoration hall accueil architectural

fabrication design mural en sticker porte

decoration salle repos entreprise cafeteria

decoration mural imprimee tissus intisse

creation graphique decoration murale imprimee

amenagement espace detente

film imprime cloison vitre bureau salle reunion

fabrication vitrophanie cloison bureau imprime signaletique

adhesif signaletique fabrication

decoration salle reunion film papier peint

creation vitrophanie carlsberg siege social

creation espace attente decoration murale toile tendue

pictogramme signalétique toilette personnalise

sticker sanitaire entreprise

design mural sanitaire osmoze

From now on, all the new beers of the Carlsberg group will be created in Obernai in France.

In total, this represents an investment of 18 million euros.

All the window displays, stickers, stretched canvas, non-woven wallpaper and adhesive films were produced by us in our workshops in Alsace.

100% creativity at the service of companies right up to the installation stage, anywhere in the world.

The Osmoze wall design agency team accompanies you from the artistic definition to the realisation of all your wall decoration projects, personalised and original wall stickers, contemporary wall stickers and monumental wall works. We favour a creative approach based on observation, research and the integration of the know-how of the signage and design professions.
Listening, analysis, dialogue, choice of approach, colourimetry, drawing, rough drafting, model making, choice of application techniques, planning, implementation, deadlines… nothing is left to chance.
Our graphic applications dedicated to companies: Reception, exhibition hall, office, business centre, circulation space, glass partition, glass door, stairwell, meeting room marking, corridor, glass panel, entrance door, floor and ceiling marking.
The Osmoze wall design studio puts its commercial agency at your disposal and accompanies you in all your interior and exterior construction and renovation projects.

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