The poetry of folding at the EMS in MEAUX (77)

Osmoze metamorphosed the wall and window surfaces of the Établissement Médico Social in MEAUX (77).

The establishment welcomes families in a residential environment. Often commissioned to de-dramatise the premises, the Osmoze concept transforms the clinical and white walls into hotel decorations.

The wall decoration contributes to the comfort of the users, with a set of decorations combining poetry and functionality.

EMS MEAUX decoration osmoze

EMS MEAUX decoration poesie osmoze 2

Wall decoration > Poetic > EMS > MEAUX

The designers have folded origami from poetry books to create a bestiary illustrating the fables of Jean de la Fontaine. This design is contemporary in its colours and graphics. The poetry chosen by Osmoze organises the spaces and offers a literary tone to the establishment.

Inspired by the marble of the floor coverings, Osmoze creates a tone-on-tone background for all the signage.

EMS MEAUX etage signaletique 222

EMS MEAUX etage signaletique osmoze 111

EMS MEAUX etage signaletique osmoze 33333

Floor signage > EMS > MEAUX

Osmoze pools the signage and wall decorations located at the lift exits.

In the same editorial line throughout the establishment, the lift doors open to present each floor with a specific decor and colours.

The theme designed is in line with the nature of the space and the public welcomed.


Door decoration > EMS > MEAUX

The designs are continued on the door fronts, creating a graphic coherence of the whole signage from the outside to the inside, from the reception to the room doors.


Exterior signage > EMS > MEAUX

The reception area’s window signage uses origami shapes and incorporates the name of the establishment.

The decorations were applied in frosted and adhesive, allowing discretion to be maintained while allowing light to pass through, thus creating shadow effects.

EMS MEAUX signaletique osmoze

IMG 5058 21010

EMS MEAUX signaletique 44

IMG 505510

EMS MEAUX decoration osmoze 2

All our decorations are entirely hand-drawn and then handcrafted in our French wall art workshop.

Our wall marking techniques allow us to invest all surfaces = painted wall, cladding, metal panel, concrete, ceiling.

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