Wall decoration in the corridor of nations at ITER near Aix-en-Provence

Wall decoration in the corridor of nations at ITER near Aix-en-Provence

The wall decorations by Osmoze take you to a decorative signage, between micro and macrocosm.

The illustration of an international project by frescos including a giant timeline.


Osmoze designers have revealed the journey of an extraordinary project where the future becomes reality.

Osmoze is very proud to illustrate the history of such a beneficial enterprise with these poetic wall decorations.




The ITER project is an innovation programme for the construction of a TOKAMAC. A synergy between the European Union, the USA, South Korea, Japan, India, China and Russia.

This SCHOOL project opens the way to more environmentally friendly energy production through fusion. In detail on: www.iter.org

All our designs are entirely hand-drawn and then handcrafted in our French wall art workshop.

Our wall marking techniques allow us to invest all surfaces = painted wall, cladding, metal panel, concrete, ceiling.

A wall decoration or signage for your hospital, clinic? There is only one address in France…. www.osmoze.fr

For any project or preliminary project, we are at your disposal for a study. Architects, decorators, project owners.
Our decoration magazine is free and is at your disposal on request. Click here for more information.

We work all over France and abroad.

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Decor and wall decoration. Creation of a global concept of layout.

Concrete painting

Wall art and frescoes

Contemporary signage

3D signage

Olfactory signage

Augmented reality signage and decor



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