Adidas and Reebok marked with the tip of my pen. Wall stickers, wall marking, large format signage.

A desire for change for these two sports brands known for their cutting edge marketing. Each meeting room has 2 themes. The theme of this one: Fencing and Pierre de Coubertin.

In addition, all the window markings have been done. Sandblasted glass, light marking on glass walls, interior signage, window stickers… A real treat.


The initial project, laying flat.


Other marked spaces to discover.


A transparent film, lightly sanded to identify and secure the spaces. All the glass walls have been covered. This is the sticker-self-adhesive security film par excellence.


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Osmoze wall design and space graphics studio.

The specialist in marking and contemporary signage in Strasbourg in Alsace. Floor, wall, ceiling, glass, sign, showroom, exhibition stand, wall art, reception hall. The professional in space graphics for companies, communities and administrations. Technique: Adhesive, sticker, painting, digital printing, holographic scenography. All formats.

Creation site: 7 rue des Violettes, 67150 Nordhouse (Strasbourg – Alsace)

Production site: 8 rue de Bruxelles, 67150 Erstein Krafft.


Tel. +33 (0)3 69 320 140 Fax +33 (0)3 90 299 414

Franck Blériot.

Design Mural Osmoze