Wall decorations and functional signage at the Hospice Le Cornillon (01)

The premises of the Résidence Le Petit Chêne in Saint-Rambert-en-Bugey (01), which houses elderly people, have been transformed into real living spaces.

The building was built on a former silk factory, an emblem of the region. The objective of Osmoze’s wall decoration is to anchor this note of history in the premises through signage, window displays and wall frescos.

image00017 CORNILLON

Floor signage > Hospice Le Cornillon

image00042 CORNILLONPRM window signs > Hospice Le Cornillon

Signalétique EHPAD Cornillon Osmoze2image00006 CORNILLON

The floor directories prioritise information to orientate users, and adopt a design that favours visibility, allowing users to see and read them from a distance.

The floor themes combine plant and animal elements, creating a unique atmosphere for each landing area, and creating continuity in the graphic charter.

Vitrophanie EHPAD Cornillon Osmoze2

Window graphics on glass partitions > Hospice Le Cornillon

Vitrophanie EHPAD Cornillon Osmoze3

The glass partitions welcome the residents with frosted and tone-on-tone window graphics, which contribute to the project’s scenography. The decorations allow for discretion, without obscuring or enclosing the space.

Décoration Murale EHPAD Cornillon Osmoze1

Wall decorations > Hospice Le Cornillon

Décoration murale EHPAD Cornillon Osmoze2

The murals cover the walls, from the entrance to the staff rooms and bedrooms. The colour code is blue camaieu, which favours a soothing effect of the space. The copper-coloured silk thread subtly gives rhythm to the decorations, and interprets the old silk industry of the region.

Vitrophanie EHPAD Cornillon1

PRM window displays > Hospice Le Cornillon

image00028 CORNILLON image00010 CORNILLON Signalétique EHPAD Cornillon Osmoze5

Signalétique EHPAD Cornillon Osmoze4

Signalétique EHPAD Cornillon Osmoze1

Décoration Murale EHPAD Cornillon Osmoze3

All our decorations are entirely hand-drawn and then manufactured by hand in our French wall art workshop.

Our wall marking techniques allow us to invest all surfaces = painted wall, cladding, metal panel, concrete, ceiling.

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